Diablo 30″ Elite Wheels on a Chevy Silverado with Escalade Front End

Chevy Silverado with Escalade Front

Diablo Wheel Elite Chrome

Wheel Style


Color-Match - Chrome Inserts

Ride Specifications

Chevy Silverado

Burning Brighter Than The Sun

The paint job on this Chevy Silverado with an upgraded Cadillac Escalade front end in is insane.  The color almost glows it’s so intense.  Color matching the 30″ Diablo Elite inserts really pulled the whole package together.

We shot this at the Santa Monica Pier and the light was bright coming off the ocean.  It was amazing how good the orange stood out against the blue sky.  This ride stands out in any crowd.  The Diablo Elite wheels make sure to keep the attention on it once any eyes happen upon it.