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Diablo Wheels is one of the longest standing custom rim manufacturers in Southern California. Always on top has been our motto since 2000, and we’ve been true to that ever since.


Black Rims

The opposite of chrome rims are black rims. If you want to stay low-key and give your ride some menacing contrast, black rims are the best way to do that. Unlike chrome rims, black rims can give any vehicle make, model and color look amazing. The contrasting black is a great way to upgrade the look of your ride without being over-the-top. When donking out your car, sticking with the boring stock wheels is a no-go. Believe us. Custom cars call for custom rims, and Diablo Wheels provides exactly that.


At Diablo we understand that custom cars are not just a hobby; but a way of life. That’s exactly why all of our designs, finishes, and size options are so unique. Straying away from the path and avoiding become average is easy with our black rims. In addition, our custom color-matched inserts can take your ride to the next level. Go big or go home.

2021 Chevy Tahoe on 26x10 Diablo Fury Rims
20 Inch Rims Diablo Angel
Diablo Angel | Available in 20"
24 Inch Rims Diablo Blitz
Diablo Blitz | Available in 20", 22", 24"
Diablo Morpheus Black With Chrome Inserts
Diablo Morpheus | Available in 22", 24", 26"
24" Rims Diablo Elite
Diablo Elite | Available in 22", 24", 26", 28", 30"
22" Wheels Diablo DNA
Diablo DNA | Available in 22", 24"
24" Wheels Diablo Fury
Diablo Fury | Available in 24", 26"

Dark Knight

As we mentioned above, Diablo Wheels offers everything from black truck rims to rims for everyday sedans and muscle cars. No matter what car you drive, we’ve got something for everyone. With Diablo’s fitted onto your vehicle, it’s guaranteed you’ll be breaking necks.


To keep people turning their heads when you drive by, you need to keep these bad boys clean, right? How do you clean your rims? We got you! We suggest washing your rims on a regular basis, at least once a week. Doing this keep brake dust and other build up to a minimum. In addition to regular maintenance, try to use ceramic coating or wheel wax products to keep your rims looking new. Consistent maintenance is import because brake dust, debris, and other gunk can damage the finish of the wheel.


If you have any questions regarding our wheel lineup, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email and we’d be more than happy to assists you! With a sizes ranging from 20 inches to 30 inches, finding the perfect set of Diablo Wheels takes the stress out of wheel buying.