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Diablo Wheels is one of the longest standing custom rim manufacturers in Southern California. Always on top has been our motto since 2000, and we’ve been true to that ever since.

24 Inch Rims Diablo DNA
24 Inch Rims Diablo DNA
22″ | 24″


One of Diablo’s most unique custom rims, the Diablo DNA features seven spokes that twist. Having spokes move through the depth of the barrel are unheard of. As a result, this wheel is impossible to ignore.

22″ | 24″ | 26″


The Diablo Morpheus features perfectly curved lines. With a wide spoke design, these custom rims were built to be the centerpiece of an vehicle. Add in our customizable inserts, and you’ve got the perfect wheel.

24 Inch Rims Diablo Morpheus
24 Inch Rims Diablo Morpheus
26 Inch Rims Diablo Elite
26 Inch Rims Diablo Elite
22″ | 24″ | 26″ | 28″ | 30″


The Diablo Elite is our most popular design, and for good reason. With perfect curves and generously sized spokes and inserts, these custom wheels can be applied universally. Whether left in our standard finish or custom finished, the Diablo Elite can compliment any vehicle.

Diablo History

Always on top has been our motto since 2000, and we’ve been true to that ever since. Learn more about Diablo’s history.

Diablo Wheels Founder Gary Jerjerian

Born in Southern California, Diablo Wheels was created to fill a void in the market.

Diablo Wheels Reflection X Promo

We proudly introduced the addition of wheel inserts which are fully customizable with limitless possibilities.

Diablo Wheels Exclsuive Japan Distributor

Diablo Goes Overseas to Japan

As Diablo gained traction, Japanese enthusiasts picked up the trend and we became exclusive to Japan.

Diablo Wheels DUB Magazine Feature

In 2008, Diablo Wheels was featured in the world famous DUB Magazine, further solidifying our spot in the industry.

Diablo Wheels 10 Year Anniversary

In 2010, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary.

Diablo Wheels Motortrend Feature

Featured in Motortrend Magazine

In 2012 we were featured in one of the most popular car culture magazines.

Diablo Wheels At The Los Angeles DUB Show


After years of success, we had an awesome appearance at the 2013 LA DUB Show.

Diablo Wheels Collaboration With Corey Miller

Corey Miller Collab

In 2014, we did a major collaboration project with tattoo artist Corey Miller.