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Diablo Wheels is one of the longest standing custom rim manufacturers in Southern California. Always on top has been our motto since 2000, and we’ve been true to that ever since.


28 Inch Rims

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You’ve seen the usual 20 inch rims and 22 inch rims, even 24’s. But when you step into the world of 28 inch rims, things get a lot more serious. These big rims are reserved for those that are looking to take it to a new level of customization. Normally, we’d say 28 inch rims are perfect for big trucks, but not this time. 28in rims are perfect for anything and anyone. Here at Diablo Wheels, we encourage people to push their limits and build something that is unique and unusual. With our lineup of 28″ rims, that dream is now a reality.


We know what custom car guys like, and we know how they like it. If you’re considering 28in rims for your ride, we offer the perfect wheels. From our Diablo Elite and Diablo Elite G2. We’ve got all your 28in rim needs.

Custom Chevy Silverado Elite G2
28" Rims Diablo Elite
Diablo Elite
28" Wheels Diablo Elite G2
Diablo Elite G2

28" Rims - BE SEEN

There’s a million reasons people would advise against 28 inch rims…but only one thing matters in the end. That thing is creativity. Donking out any car with 28″ rims is the best way to stand out from a sea of blandness. Doing so makes it known you’re a passionate custom car enthusiast. When your ride needs new chrome rims, Diablo Wheels has the goods. Take a look at our gallery below to see how our 28’s look on some sick cars, like the Cadillac Escalade and a fully-custom Chevy Silverado.


If you’re in the market for 28 inch chrome rims or 28 inch black rims, you found the right place. From custom finishes to custom inserts, we do it all. Get in touch with us today and we’d be more than happy to help get you and your ride set up. Always on top.