Diablo 22″ Chrome DNA Wheels on a Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

Diablo Wheel DNA Chrome

Wheel Style


Chrome with Color-Match Inserts

Ride Specifications

Ford Mustang

Dope Ass Style Is In Your DNA

Ford Mustangs have sleek strong lines.  They are very organic and flow clean all along the ride.  This 50th Anniversary Mustang is no exception.  It is savage and ready to explode into action.  We added a set of Diablo DNA wheels to further accentuate these dynamic lines.

Deep chrome wheels look great on a Mustang by themselves.  Add the thin lines of the inserts to further accent this chrome and the wheels are set apart from other lesser wheels.  The lines not only accent the spokes, they travel into the barrel.  This 3D depth is often completely ignored by wheel designers.  Not at Diablo.  The DNA are complex and tiered.  We did that for you so you don’t look tired and boring.  Your welcome…