Diablo 26″ Chrome Elite Wheels on a Chrysler 300C

Chrysler 300C

Diablo Wheel Elite Chrome

Wheel Style


Chrome with Color-Match Inserts

Ride Specifications

Chrysler 300C

Pimp Ride + Diablo Elites = Perfection

Diablo Wheels belong on stylish rides.  It’s not a question of why.  They go together like mac & cheese.  Take this totally bad ass Chrysler 300C for example.  That paint job is ridiculous.  This ride is clean, accented and slammed.  Regular wheels don’t stand a chance to make an impression.  26″ Diablo Elite wheels have no such problems.  They add the exact right amount of style.

We color-matched the inserts to blend everything in.  Getting the right amount of blending versus bling can be tough.  Lesser wheels fall way short.  Color-matching a set of Elite wheels proved a perfect solution.  The car is further enhanced without distracting from its amazing style.