Diablo 24″ Chrome Fury Wheels on a Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger

Diablo Wheel Fury Chrome

Wheel Style


Chrome with Black Inserts

Ride Specifications

Dodge Challenger

American Muscle Screams With Fury

The Dodge Challenger is a throwback to the days when muscle cars were stout and pronounced.  These cars don’t hide their bulk under streamline organic curves.  They tear their shirts off and display their strength proudly.  Hmgh… Strong Like Bull.  Find open road. Conquer.  Only stop for cheeseburgers and apple pie.

Yes… We feel you.  That’s why we made the Diablo Fury.  This wheel is all about strong flexing form.  The details are clean and not overbearing.  We strove to get a wheel that showcased the power of the ride, not a wheel to distract with flowery accents.  You can tell that there was immense care in the craftsmanship, but you don’t get lost in wasted details.  Fury is unmatched in it’s rigid tough lines.  The barrel’s exposed surface area is maximized.  It’s flashy, but flashy in that my arms are bigger than yours way.  Now point me at an open road.