Diablo Tork – Twisting Visual Depth

Diablo Tork

Available Diameters:

Diablo Tork Aftermarket Wheel - Black with Chrome Inserts
Diablo Tork Aftermarket Wheel - Black with Chrome Inserts



Black and Custom Finishes


Brushed Aluminum Inserts - Custom Finishes



Diablo Tork

The Diablo Tork is a visually complex wheel with solid brushed aluminum inserts.  The wheel’s spokes twist into the barrel giving depth to the sight lines.  The contrasting inserts further enhance the twisting design.

As a complete departure from long straight spokes, the curves make the wheel appear to be in a constant state of flex.  Muscle cars look ready to explode into action when dressed up with these bad boys.

This perfect mix of strong curves and depth along the wheel’s barrel makes the Tork one of the most striking wheels on the road.  The sturdy brushed aluminum inserts are easily color matched with paint or powder coating.  Your ride will look amazing with a set of Tork wheels.

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