Diablo Wheels Are Beasts

The Beasts That Are Diablo Wheels

Tito Ortiz Diablo Morpheus Wheels

Players Play

Players play and the rest either pretend or fantasize.  You’re here because you realize Diablo Wheels are for the players and the surest way to stop pretending or dreaming is to do.  Pro Athletes, music tycoons, surgeons and all around fly pimps roll with Diablos.  Why?  Because Diablo is and always will be king of the road.  Sure there are other brands, but they don’t have the name, style or staying power of Diablo.  Diablo’s game is strong like bull and everyone knows it.

You should also know that it’s not just everyday members of society that are impressed by the brand.  9 out of 10 doctors recommend you grow a set and upgrade to Diablo wheels.  They’re doctors… they know.  Upgrading to Diablo Wheels is like a huge testosterone shot for your ride.  Give your beast the best.  The pavement itself will cower before your glory.  All Hail!!!

Diablo Morpheus

Wrecking Fools

Time out for a disclaimer: It is also true that 9 out of 10 onlooking fools will be subject to severe cases of whiplash as they gaze upon your killer rims.  Fools will always be fools.  You shouldn’t feel bad, just be aware.

Diablo wheels are available in chrome, black and almost every color imaginable.  You like to hit the clubs in your blurple Bentley?  Yup… we know you do.  You should.  Some 24″ blurple Diablo Elites make sure everyone else knows you do to.  The valet will park that shiznit up front in plain view to draw more players and pretenders to the club.  Mmhmm… Winning.

How about your shorty’s pink Escalade?  28″ black and pink Diablo Fury’s are just what she needs.  Yeah it’s true.  Your girl looks gooood and your baby doll loves them just as much as her Jimmy Choos.  Can you say Hello Kitty?

The Ladies Love Shinny Things

Disclaimer #2: Speaking of saying Hello Kitty.  Independent studies show that 4 out of 5 single moms are aggressively drawn to the drivers of vehicles with Diablo Wheels.  Part of this is because they want to tame the bad boy.  The rest is usually because somewhere in their past they tried to change another owner of Diablo Wheels.  Single moms often make legendary bad decisions.  Do with this info what you will.  You’ve been warned.

We know what you’re all thinking.  It goes something like this: “Damn… Diablo Wheels are AMAZING.  If I get them, my ride will look AWESOME, fools will all wish they were me, and woman will want to be with me.”  All we have to say to that train of thought is yes.  Yes it is true.

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