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Black Diablo Dagger Wheels on a Chevy Camaro

Web Worthy Ride?

So you’ve pimped your ride with a set of Diablo Wheels.  Nice… We thank you.  Now let us show the world your pride and joy.  Send us a picture or so and we’ll get it added to our site and social networks.

We’d only ask that you please do some simple things to make the pictures more usable:

  1. Don’t send tiny little images.  They don’t represent well.  It seems like a given, but more than half of the images we receive are under 800 pixels wide.
  2. Take a little pride in the layout. We’re not saying that you have to be an amazing professional photographer.  Just look where your ride is sitting.  Don’t shoot it next to lesser rides, dumpsters or with gawking peeps all up on it.  Try for open spaces or strong urban backdrops.
  3. Shoot the full vehicle with some space around it.  We can always crop, but usually can’t add what’s not there.
  4. Try and shoot a clean ride and wheels.  Your baby should be looking good.  We want to see everything at their best.

That’s basically it.  So get those cell phones snapping or cameras clicking.  We want to see how good you make us look.

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