Diablo Angel Wheels on a Chevy Camaro SS

Chevy Camaro

Diablo Wheel Angel Black

Wheel Style


Black - Color-Match Inserts

Ride Specifications

Chevy Camaro SS

Diablo Angels - Fierce Wheels on a Fierce Ride

The Camaro SS is an exercise in unbridled power.  Add the extreme orange paint and everyone becomes instantly aware of the beast’s presence.  Diablo Angel wheels add to this Alpha Predator’s look.  There is no mistaking you’re always on the prowl when muscle and claws are constantly on display.

Diablo Angel wheels are the perfect cross between elegant curves and sharp angles.  They just look mean.  Any ride sporting a set appears instantly dangerous.  They are not made for blending in.  These are how you accent a ride that insists on standing out.  So grab a set today and let everyone know your ride can’t be contained.