Diablo 30″ Chrome Elite Wheels on a GMC Yukon

GMC Yukon

Diablo Wheel Elite Chrome

Wheel Style


Chrome with Color Match Painting

Ride Specifications

GMC Yukon

Rolling In Urban Anti-Camouflage

You know those sneaky little rides that hide in your blind spots and do everything they can to prevent being noticed?  Sure you do… That’s like almost every car out there.  We’re not a fan of blending into the herd here at Diablo.  The Bull stands out from the herd.  It is bigger than life and confident in it’s strength.

For example, this ride can’t hide.  It is not possible.  Not only does it have an amazing paint job, but it’s rolling with 30″ Color-matched Diablo Elites.  That’s like instant shadow repellent.  People can’t help but notice this car roll in.  It’s like a supermodel in a tight red dress.  Instant cult of personality.

We like that.  We like it a lot.  The more personality set free in a sea of average, the better.