Diablo 30″ Chrome Morpheus Wheels on a Chevy Tahoe

Chevy Tahoe

Diablo Wheel Morpheus Chrome

Wheel Style


Chrome with Black Inserts

Ride Specifications

Chevy Tahoe

Statements Are Made With Morpheus Wheels

The Chevy Tahoe is a good looking ride.  It looks like an upgraded soccer mom’s dream car.  To get beyond this basic utilitarian physique, you need to accessorize.  A nice set of 24s will show that you care, but a set of 30s take the car from conservative to all out hardcore.

30″ Diablo Morpheus Wheels do just that.  A ride can’t possibly feel conservative with that much chrome exposed on each wheel.  The whole exterior feels flashier without any other additions.  Everyone is instantly aware of a ride that rolls in on a large set of wheels.  Instantly aware.  If you always want to make an entrance, you can either go big or go home.