Diablo 30″ Elite G2 Wheels on a Ford Excursion

Ford Excursion

Diablo Wheel Elite G2 Black

Wheel Style

Elite G2

Black with Chrome Inserts

Ride Specifications

Ford Excursion

There Are Giants Amongst Us

The Ford Excursion is a huge ride.  Like 70’s Cadillac long but taller.  These monsters blend into the herd like Shaq blends in anywhere in Tokyo.  Simply put, blend in they don’t.  So when you wrap one with a bright satin electric blue, it stands out even more.

To put things into perspective, those are 30″ Diablo Elite G2 wheels on this bad boy.  Sure they plus size the tires, but there is no customization done to the lift or wheel wells to make them fit.  30″ wheels are used to donk out lesser rides, but they look just a little bigger than stock here.  Apparently size does matter.