Diablo 30″ Elite Wheels on a Ford F150

Ford F150

Diablo Wheel Elite Chrome

Wheel Style


Color-Match - Chrome Inserts

Ride Specifications

Ford F150

Don't Notice Me... I Dare You.

There are rides out there that simply reign.  They are painstakingly tweaked to the point of perfection.  No detail is too small when undergoing this process.  All aspects of the ride must go beyond.  So when the owner of this green beauty wanted to add a set of 30s to complement his efforts, Diablo answered with color-matched Elite wheels.

Thirty inch wheels stand out on their own.  The pure size of them makes a statement.  When you color-match them to a dazzling paint job like this one, they dominate.  The vinyl sticker accents on the barrel show the level of commitment to detail.  This truck is always in show form.  It reigns.