Diablo 30″ Elite Wheels on a Chevy Suburban

Chevy Suburban

Diablo Wheel Elite Chrome

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Color-Match - Chrome Inserts

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Chevy Suburban

Diablo Elite meets Aztec Culture

Pearl white is always a good car color.  It’s a pure backdrop for elaborate art like we see on this Chevy Suburban.  The gold trim and airbrushing turned this ride from a basic truck to a rolling piece of art.  No parts of the vehicle were left bare.  The set of 30″ Diablo Elite wheels were customized with Aztec art to further tie together the look.

The ability to customize is what makes owning a car, truck or SUV fun.  All of the aftermarket products that come out helps you make a ride your own.  Diablo Wheels can do this right out of the box, but the ability to color-match the wheels and inserts increases this.  Add to that the creativity of some owners and a perfect look for your custom ride is possible.  Keep the artistic vision flowing…