Diablo 26″ Chrome Morpheus Wheels on Tito Ortiz’s Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce Phantom VII

Diablo Wheel Morpheus Chrome

Wheel Style


Chrome with Color Match Inserts

Ride Specifications

Rolls Royce Phantom VII

Some People Are Just Ballers

Tito Ortiz is a bad bad man.  He wrecks fools.  This is known.  He doesn’t need to advertise it.  But you know what?  He does anyways.  When he rolls up in a Rolls Royce with 26″ Diablo Morpheus Wheels, everyone is instantly aware.  There is a sense of awe, adrenaline & caution.  It’s a little like when a lion starts wandering around a herd.  Everyone treads a little more lightly.

Rolls Royce makes an iconic car.  It is synonymous with luxury and decadence.  They are not necessarily though of as bad ass mean though.  That’s where the Diablo Morpheus Wheels come in.  They add aggressive and stylish lines to an otherwise overly conservative set of body lines.  Morpheus Wheels give the lion claws.  The noble beast looks majestic but dangerous at all times.  Exactly like Tito Ortiz.