Diablo 24″ Chrome Fury Wheels on a Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental

Diablo Wheel Fury Chrome

Wheel Style


Chrome with Color Match Inserts

Ride Specifications

Bentley Continental GT

Life Of A Baller

There is travel and then there is luxury travel.  For all of you that always get economy seat 27e and arrive at the airport two hours early in a shared ride van, there is reason to step up your game.  It’s not as easy as one two three, but once you get there, you know it.  The first step can be as simple as a set of Diablo wheels.

Ultimately you’ve arrived when you roll right up to catch a private jet in a Bentley Continental GT with a set of 24″ color-matched Diablo Fury wheels.  A beauty like Lina Posada steps out and joins you on a quick jaunt to Vegas or the Caribbean.  That is about as close to perfect as it gets.

Bentley Continentals are gorgeous rides.  The paint is visually rich and deep.  Every one of the car’s lines make it look like it’s ready to explode into motion.  Adding color-matched Fury wheels adds brawn to those curves.  The ride also feels aggressive and mean.  This slick beast pairs up perfectly with our beauty Lina.  She goes from car to jet and then jet to car.  Like a fun little fairy tail living happily ever after.