Diablo Wheels in Custom Colors

Diablo wheels in custom colors

Separate From the Flock

For most people wheels are an afterthought.  This is true of almost every ride coming off a dealer lot.  Hundreds of thousands of uninspired wheels roll out to join the masses.  They simply blend in and take their place in the flock.  This lack of focus makes even an expensive ride merely average.  Isn’t that exactly what you want when you fork out all that money for a fine ride?  You want to be blend in and be average.  If that’s true, Diablo wheels aren’t for you.  You won’t find anything like your grandmother’s hubcaps in our inventory.

Start With 20+ Inch Wheels

We start with bold designs on a minimum of 20″ wheels and go all the way up to 32″ rims.  These black and chrome babies are statement makers on their own.  Your ride becomes instantly mean and aggressive as soon as you swap them out.  It’s like slipping out of a unassuming set of old sneakers into a brand new pair of Jordans.  You know you look good and everyone else knows too.

That’s the first big step in making your ride look good.  Diablo wheels are exactly what you need.  Find her a new set of kicks.  Arm her with claws.

Make Your Wheels Pop!!!

Once you’ve decided on a set of claws, then custom color matters.  Black is understated and elegant.  Chrome is bright, but neutral on the color palette.  Your baby wants to shine.  Maybe the wheels should color-match with your ride’s paint.  Or perhaps they stand alone as bold accents.  That’s the beauty of color.  It can make any kind of statement.  Be loud.  Be stylish.  Be elegant.  Whatever colors you choose, your ride will no longer blend into the flock.  Heads will turn.  You will distinguish yourself from the masses of dull grays.  Your ride will be visually set free.

Diablo wheels practically beg to be further customized with paint or powder coating.  We know how to match dealer paint and are capable of an almost endless color pallet.  The exact color matters to you, so it matters to us.

Take your baby out with a new set of custom colored Diablo wheels and watch all the attention she gets.  She’s gonna look good!

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