Diablo Dagger

Diablo Dagger is Fierce

Diablo Daggers are visually dangerous.  Thin and sharp, they maintain a crisp look while still holding an elegant edge.  The layered contrast uses the depth of the wheel barrel to achieve visual depth most wheel designs can’t hope to achieve.  It’s a balancing act to make complex wheels look clean without jumping into the ridiculous.  Dagger wheels have achieved this balance.

The 5 prong insert accents the solid 10 spoke base.  The base Dagger wheels come in either black or chrome.  The standard inserts are colored the opposite.  This gives you dark wheels with a bold dangerous looking insert or shiny wheels highlighted with obsidian blades.  Either way they make a fierce visual impression.

Color Can Make A Difference

Of course many individuals want something other than black and chrome.  This is where color matching comes into play.  We’ve had these bad boys painted or powder coated to create even more visual contrast.  Painting the thin spokes with a bright and bold color look amazing.  Adding the contrasting inserts afterwards brings back the original balance to the newly colored set.

Some choose to do the opposite and color only the inserts.  Not only is this a cheaper option, but it makes the sharp 5 prong star visually jump off the wheel.  It makes for a really good way to tie wheels to your ride’s paintjob without feeling like you’re covering every inch of space with color.  Accents can very often be all you need to set your ride off.

Whether you’re rolling dark, chrome or in living color, your ride can’t be ignored when Daggers grace your hubs.  The look is undeniable.   Lesser wheels will tremble before you.  Diablo has spoken.

Diablo Daggers With Colored Inserts